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TE-SC1 Handheld Metal Detector

to detect the extremely small metals hidden inside the human body such as small blades, paper clips, electronic chip etc.

৳ 3,100.00

Sound and Alarm Light, Low Consumption

High Stability, Solid Structure

Good Working, Short Alarm Indication

Low Voltage: Continuous Alarm Indication

Main Body: Solid and Durable Plastics

Product Specification / Models

Sensitivity Level: high and low, two options.

Alarm Method: single buzzer and vibration.

Battery Type: 9V alkaline battery or rechargeable nickel-hydrogen battery.

Working Hours: under the condition of 10% alarm, alkaline battery 40 hours , rechargeable nickel-hydrogen battery 14 hours.

Working Frequency: 25KHZ

Size: 410mm x 83mm x 44mm

Weight: 350g

Detecting Accuracy: pin 30-60mm, 64-type pistol 150mm, 6″dagger 160mm,20mm steel ball 90mm

Application / Models

This kind of metal detector is widely used in airport, railway station, subway station, workshop, big exhibition etc.

Other Information

if needed, TE-SC2 is available

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