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YAS-PEF200 Professional Effect

Professional effect YAS-PEF200

৳ 36,580.00

  1. 4 fixed +4 preset vocal mode, 6 kinds of music mode, 6 kinds of microphone

tone mode.


  1. Anti-shock features when turn on/off power to protect post-amplifiers and

other equipments in a better way.


  1. Microphone is set with 7-segment equalization and low-cut, music with

7-segment equalization in high, medium and low EQ.


  1. Starting up effect volume settings for music and microphone, and with the

maximum volume locking function.


  1. Professional whistler preventing technology.


  1. Effect mode setting for music and microphone when booting.


  1. Each output channel is with pressure limiter functions: adjustable bass

output frequency, convertable output polarity.


  1. Built in advanced high-precision floating-point audio processor 28-/56-BIT.


  1. SMT production technology to ensure high stability of products.

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